Exhibition Show Details

We’re having a show!

Details for our 2022 Show will be shared here as soon as they’re available.

What is a show?

If you’re familiar with dog shows, or maybe you’ve participated in showing livestock in 4H, you’re on the right track. Daylilies from all over the area will be brought in, groomed, and put on display for judges to evaluate and score. Daylilies that most-closely match the description (registration) of their named hybrid will receive the highest scores, and prizes are awarded in up to 12 categories.

After judging, the room is opened to everyone to see the results and to admire many, many different types of daylilies that have been grown nearby. For the public, it’s impressive to see all the different “looks” or “faces” of daylilies that aren’t being sold at the big box stores. For gardening enthusiasts, it’s a great opportunity to make a wish-list!

All of the Details

The show schedule – the document that contains all of the rules and details – can be found at this link [not yet available]. Those planning to enter daylilies in the show are encouraged to review the schedule fully before the day of the show.

I have more questions!

We have setup a Frequently Asked Questions page with more information that is helpful to people new to Daylily Exhibition Shows. If you’re still wondering about something, please feel free to contact us with your questions.