October 2018 Meeting – William Marchant

October Meeting – Special Presenter – Saturday, October 6th, 3pm – Morton, IL

Our October meeting will be held on Saturday, October 6th. Our guest presenter, William Marchant, will begin his program at 3pm. All are welcome to attend, so please feel free to bring a friend!

The graphic at the top of this email is also available as a PDF. You’re welcome to download the file here, and then share it with those you’d like to invite.

The meeting will be held at:
Freedom Hall
349 W Birchwood St
Morton, ILĀ  61550

A few additional details:

  1. We will have a business meeting at 2:30pm. This is where we will discuss upcoming meetings, have a Treasurer’s report, etc. We will also be looking at the 2019 calendar and discussing whether we would like to host another Show. Please come at 2:30 to participate in this portion of the meeting.
  2. Please bring refreshments to share! If each member brings enough for 12-15 people, there should be more than enough to go around. Finger-foods are preferred, as napkins and small plates will be provided. If you bring something that needs a bowl, fork, or spoon, please bring those utensils.
  3. Our speaker will be auctioning-off select seedlings, and he will be showing photos of the blooms during this small live-auction. Come ready to bid! (Proceeds from this auction will be split 50/50 between William and HOIDS.)
  4. We have a few prize baskets committed already, but more are welcome! If you’d like to put together a basket to be given as a prize, please let me know your intention.
  5. We’re going to have a raffle for the baskets, and then a drawing for a door-prize as well.

2018 Exhbition Show FAQ

Everyone! All ages are welcome, too!

If you are curious about daylilies and the different colors, sizes, and shapes of them, you should come!

If you're a garden enthusiast and already grow daylilies, you should come see what else is growing locally!

If you're a daylily enthusiast, come with caution -- you're going to suddenly have a LONG wishlist of daylilies to add to your collection!
If you are planning to participate in the competition portion of the show, you will need to arrive around 9:30am. The rooms will be setup and we will be ready to accept entries by 9:30am.

If you are simply wanting to view all of the daylilies on display, plan to arrive around 1:00pm. The judging should be completed by then, and the doors will open for all to view the daylilies that have been brought to the show.
No, there will not be any daylilies for sale at the show. The policies for the East Peoria Civic Complex prohibit any sales on-premises, so we cannot sell any daylilies at the show.

HOIDS will hold their annual plant sale at the ICC Landscape Garden Day in East Peoria on Saturday, September 8th.

Any daylilies that will be available for purchase at our sale will be marked at the show.
There is a very details write-up about this topic over at the American Daylily Society website.

In brief, you'll need to cut off the flower scape (the stem that holds the blooms) and carefully bring it to the show. Vases will be available at the show to hold your entries.

We will be holding a how-to class at our June 2018 Club Meeting, which is open to the public. At that class, we will discuss everything that a new participant should expect, so you won't want to miss it!